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Launch of new online training solution

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Bosch gives power to the people with the launch of new online training solution for learning management

Bosch is putting training into the hands of the individual with the launch of its Bosch Training Solutions. Streamlining the process of finding and booking onto training courses, the new Bosch Training Solutions portal digitalises training records and certificates, giving users all the tools to manage their career progression and track their development.

Helping individuals asses their needs, an online questionnaire will be made available to estimate training requirements based on previous courses taken and experience in the industry. Several of the training courses have pre-requisites, and the questionnaire will signpost the user to the appropriate training for their skill level. All courses will be listed on the site, with delegate numbers updated in real-time to show availability.

The UK is piloting the scheme, and those who have already attended Bosch training will be migrated onto the new system with an individual login based on their email name.

Kevin Kelly, Country Sales Manager, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket: “By giving technicians the power to control their own training, we hope to inspire them to continually upskill and bring the latest developments in vehicle repairs and maintenance to their teams.

With ever more complex vehicles coming on the road, training is crucial to ensure you can handle any vehicle that comes into your workshop, using the right tools and techniques to diagnose and fix tricky faults.”

“As we continue to add new courses to our training portfolio, this training system will help us manage the high volume of technicians that are eager to book onto our courses, and help highlight the right sessions for each skill level.”

Bosch runs training across the UK for independent workshops and technicians looking to benefit from the latest developments in technology and best practice. From the Bosch Service Training Centre, in Uxbridge near London, it runs essential training for developing technicians such as the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Programme, as well as a host of specialist training such as MOT Tester Training (Class 4 & 7) and the Bosch Master Technician Programme which includes Hybrid & Electric Vehicle training.


Launch of new online training solution

Launch of new online training solution

Press release, January 2018