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Technology from Bosch is used worldwide in almost all vehicles, assuring people uninterrupted journeys. With over 130 years of pioneering spirit and expertise in research and manufacturing to achieving this, we carry this craft in the aftermarket too. We work with our unique combination of spare parts, diagnostics and workshop services thus being the one source with many solutions.

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How to make your batteries last longer?

  • DO
  • DON'T

Battery care: DOs

  • Inspect the battery and auto-electrical system regularly
  • Add demineralised water in case of a drop in the electrolyte level
  • Recharge battery immediately after discharge

Battery care: DON’Ts

  • Do not disconnect the battery cable when the engine is running
  • Avoid metallic contact with the terminals (it can cause sparking)
  • Do not use grease on cables, clamps, & terminals. Use petroleum jelly.

When to change the engine oil in your car?

Signs of low engine oil
How to replace engine oil
  • Signs of low engine oil
  • How to replace engine oil

Signs of low engine oil

  • Excess engine exhaust
  • Increased engine noise / noise while starting
  • Low mileage / higher fuel consumption

Steps to change engine oil

  • Completely drain old engine oil, remove any residue in the reservoir
  • Replace with oil of the grade recommended by the car manufacturer
  • Replace / top up with the same grade of oil, do not mix different grade oils

How to take care of your wiper blades?

Replace immediatley
Replace in 3 weeks
  • Replace immediatley
  • Replace in 3 weeks

Caring for your windshield

  • Do not use wipers if windshield is covered by dust / bird dropping / leaves
  • Splash water to remove the dust/leaves
  • Handle wipers with care when cleaning the car

Using wipers correctly

  • Do not drive with damaged wipers
  • Do not use wipers to clean away paan / chewing gum if it falls on the windshield
  • Use appropriate wiper speed – high speed only when necessary