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Professional solution for an efficient adjustment and calibration

DAS 3000 in use

Positioning to vehicle center line or towards the driving axle

The new DAS 3000 from Bosch is a scaleable, computer-based calibration and adjustment device for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in cars and transporters. There are two versions available: The DAS 3000 S10 which is positioned towards the vehicle center line and especially designed for the requirements of glass fitters. The DAS 3000 S20 is positioned towards the driving axle and suits body shops, fast fitters, workshops and workshop concepts. Both solutions can be used in conjunction with the targets from Bosch's Multi Target Shop.

The DAS 3000 is especially suitable for workshops and specialised companies that calibrate many vehicles daily and thus look for a versatile, fast and efficient solution.

Reiner Leikert, Product Manager Advanced Test and Calibration Solutions, Robert Bosch GmbH
DAS 3000: Fully digital positioning and measurement

Fully digital positioning and measurement

Thanks to the new dual camera system, calibration and adjustment with DAS 3000 is very easy and efficient. Integrated cameras digitally capture the distance of the calibration device towards the vehicle with a software. During the positioning, this software shows with live values to the workshop employee when the device is placed correctly in front of the vehicle. Thus, there’s no need for laser or measuring tape for positioning.

DAS 3000: Measurement bar, Intuitive adjustment and short setup time

Intuitive adjustment and short setup time

With the diagnostic software ESI[tronic] Evolution workshops not only have at hand fault search instructions, ECU and sensor diagnosis, information and instructions for service and repair, but also the respective values for the placement of the calibration targets. The software displays the height where targets need to be attached to the calibration device bay, as well as the distance towards the vehicle. Targets can be attached easily thanks to colored vehicle specific retainers at predefined positions which shortens setup time. The calibration targets themselves can easily and quickly be mounted on the retainers.

DAS 3000 S10: High flexibility thanks to various calibration targets

High flexibility thanks to various calibration targets

The XL multi functional calibration target for the Volkswagen Group is part of scope of delivery of DAS 3000. To calibrate front cameras for vehicles of Volkswagen Group it is to be installed horizontally, for radar calibration it is to be installed vertically. This makes the target very versatile, saves time and space. Further calibration targets are part of Bosch’s Multi Target Shop and cover the common vehicle manufacturers. All targets of the Multi Target Shop can be used with DAS 3000, which makes it a very versatile device for all kinds of workshop needs in terms of calibration.

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