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100 Years of Bosch Car Service

Welcome to your world-class workshop next door.

Bosch Car Service provides expert advice, repair and maintenance work with Bosch quality products since 1921.

Your job is to repair cars

Your job is to repair cars. Ours is to fix everything else.

This year, Bosch Car Service is celebrating its 100th birthday. It’s a great opportunity to inform all workshops about their opportunities to boost business performance and ensure future readiness with the world-class workshop network powered by Bosch.

We have a 100-year history in providing a great future.

From the first Bosch Car Service opened in Hamburg in 1921 to a global network of over 15,000 workshops in 150 countries: quality and knowledge have been built on 100 years of heritage – and a strong, reputed, and world-leading Bosch brand that you can trust and rely on.

Your clients expect full service. So should you.

Your clients expect full service. So should you.

Benefit from the Bosch Group’s image and global expertise in supplying products and services to your workshop. While the Bosch Group delivers the tools, Bosch Car Service provides the assistance: operators have a direct link to product and business know-how and moreover are always supported by training and global guidelines from Bosch Car Service.

You can work on your future. Or let the future work for you.

You can work on your future. Or let the future work for you.

The automotive industry is changing faster than ever before. With Bosch Car Service as a partner, you not only get to stay up-to-date but you are also partnered with one of the most significant change makers in the industry – future-proofing your business and solidifying trust with your customers.

Get to know our future-ready workshop concept and become a Bosch Car Service partner.

Get to know our future-ready workshop concept and become a Bosch Car Service partner.


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