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DCI 700 | Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

DCI 700 - Common Rail Injector test bench

0 683 725 001

You and your technicians will reap the benefits of this most efficient, accurate, ergonomic and user-friendly diesel test bench that tests common rail injectors for all cars and commercial vehicles.

EPS 708 | Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

EPS 708 - Common Rail test bench

0 683 708 001

Extend your diesel operations today and enhance your workshop for tomorrow. This common-rail diesel injector and pump test bench tests pressures to 2,200 bar with a rail prepped for up to 2,500.

EPS 205

EPS 205 - Common Rail Injector test bench for single injector & nozzle holder

0 683 803 205

Take control of your diesel injection component testing and achieve fast, accurate results. An automatic common-rail injector and nozzle-and-holder assembly test bench to expand diesel expertise.

EPS 118

EPS 118 - Common Rail Injector tester

0 683 803 119

Increase workshop capability and book in more vehicles with this entry-level, fully automatic common-rail diesel injector tester. Intuitively designed, it’s quick and easy for technicians to operate.

EPS 100 nozzle holder tester

EPS 100 - nozzle holder tester

0 684 200 704

Highly accurate injection-nozzle testing made easy: The Bosch EPS 100 will help you identify even the smallest of leakages so that you can repair and minimise engine idling vibrations.