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ESI[tronic] Software Product overview

Thanks to the ESI[tronic] Evolution diagnostic software, you are always up to date for over 150 vehicle brands - whether passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses or agricultural and construction machinery. Depending on the license, you have access to maintenance and wiring diagrams, diagnostic functions, repair and troubleshooting instructions, and vehicle data.

 ESI[tronic] Evolution Software Solution

ESI[tronic] Evolution
Software Solution

Accurately pinpoint repair and maintenance issues for all passenger and commercial vehicles coming through your workshop with ESI[tronic] Evolution diagnostic software.

ESI[tronic] diagnostic software from Bosch

Bosch ESI[tronic] Evolution diagnostic software offers all-round service

A high level of vehicle coverage for over 90,000 vehicles and more than 150 brands worldwide: Bosch's ESI[tronic] Evolution automotive diagnostic software is the companion for professional onboard diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Depending on the license and the package booked, workshops can access maintenance and wiring diagrams, diagnostic functions, repair and troubleshooting instructions, and vehicle data in the Bosch diagnostic software.

Diagnostic software for motor vehicles

With different packages and licenses, workshops can book data and information on various motor vehicles: from cars, commercial vehicles, vans, buses, trailers, to agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and engines.

Vehicle coverage is constantly growing

Especially important for workshops: New functions and vehicles are added continuously. The check for updates is automatic. Workshops can decide for themselves whether and when updates should be installed. The loading of updates runs in the background - so that workshops can continue to work with the diagnostic software as usual. Currently, the multi-brand diagnostic software ESI[tronic] Evolution covers 90,000 vehicles. Extensions are constantly being made.

Maintain, diagnose and repair vehicles

The ESI[tronic] Evolution diagnostic software supports vehicle diagnostics in many places. It can

  • read out and clear the fault memory
  • read out actual values
  • control actuators
  • reset the service interval display
  • find components in the vehicle for removal
  • show step-by-step instructions to assist with troubleshooting, for example

Keys for protected diagnostic access

With the entry into force of EU Regulation 2018/858 since September 2020, vehicle manufacturers are therefore revising access to vehicle electronics via the OBD interface. Vehicle manufacturers such as the FCA Group (Fiat and Chrysler) and Mercedes-Benz AG have already implemented concepts. To ensure that independent workshops can continue to offer fully comprehensive vehicle diagnostics or calibration of driver assistance systems, Bosch offers a combination solution consisting of ESI[tronic] Evolution and diagnostic device of the latest KTS generation.

1 car diagnostic software - 1 million solutions

Benefit from worldwide user know-how: Bosch ESI[tronic] delivers fast and uncomplicated solutions for known faults with experience-based repair - EBR for short. The basis for the now 1 million use cases is the know-how of the worldwide diagnostics community. Experienced Bosch authors create further repair instructions every day. EBR always provides workshops with the latest content. The problem solutions are designed in consistent patterns:

  • Complaints
  • General conditions
  • Possible causes
  • Remedy