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Engine Oil for Two Wheelers Important Features

Why is engine oil important for your two-wheeler and how to take care of it

Engine oils for two-wheelers have a net positive effect on the engine’s life especially when it comes to using high-quality lubricants made by Bosch. The oil lubricates the vital components of the engine preventing them from rubbing against one another and making sure that the engine functions smoothly. Without adequate engine oil, the engine's internal components face more friction and become less efficient. Lack of engine oil can also lead to engine heating, loss of power and even engine seizure.

Engine oils

When to change your engine oil

Since engine oil is critical for smoother and efficient functioning of your two-wheeler you should pay heed to the following signs while riding -

  • Excess engine exhaust
  • Increased engine noise
  • Increased noise while starting
  • Low mileage or higher fuel consumption

How to change your engine oil

If you start noticing any of the above signs in your two-wheeler, then it is time to change your engine oil. Here is how you can do the same -

  • Completely drain the old engine oil.
  • Ensure that all residue has been removed from the reservoir.
  • Replace with oil of the grade recommended by the bike manufacturer.
  • In case you are only topping up, never mix different grades of engine oils.

Features of engine oils for two-wheelers

Engine oils for two wheelers are classified into three types: synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral. The three categories vary in terms of price and functionality.


The primary function of engine oil is to provide adequate lubrication to all the internal engine components. By coating two moving parts with a slick film, the oil reduces friction. The oil pump must provide a continuous flow of oil to all engine maintaining a layer on the engine component to minimize stress. Viscosity of the oil is an important criterion in the performance of an engine oil.


All engine oils are made up of two main components: base oil and additives. While the base oil aids in lubrication, the additives protect the engine by assisting in the cleaning process. The additives present in the oil help to remove the carbon formation that has accumulated on the engine parts. A fresh batch of engine oil refreshes the entire system by removing any build-up on the engine parts.

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