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The importance of car air filters for motor protection

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Terminus for particles of dirt of all kinds

Bosch car air filters and air purifier

The tasks of a car air purifier are to protect the motor from particles of dirt in the entrained air, to protect the motor from abrasive wear and to assure the supply of air for air/fuel mixture preparation.

Regularly change the air filter of your car according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions!

Consequences of a clogged car air filter:

  • Reduced air intake, leading to decreased engine output and increased pollutant emission
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Problems when starting the engine
  • Premature oil contamination

Sales arguments at a glance

  • Long service life, high particle collection rate, wet strength, and high tensile strength
  • High level of dirt absorption capacity and low flow rate resistance
  • Stable pleat geometry
  • Perfect fit

  • Multi-layer, specially impregnated filter medium
  • Large filter surface area
  • Specialist impregnation of the filter medium
  • Precisely adapted shape and high-quality gasket material
Bosch air filters

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