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How to Choose the Right Wiper Blade for your Car?

Car wipers are essential for maintaining the maximum level of safety when driving. It is an essential component for all vehicles - be it commercial or passenger.

Choose Bosch Wipers Blades for Car and Indian Vehicles

The rubber strip at the bottom of car wipers is what cleans the windshield. The wipers get hard and brittle with time and begin to make a squeaking sound, indicating that they need to be replaced. If it starts producing this noise, it means the blade's rubber lining is deteriorated and has to be replaced right away. If it is not replaced in a timely manner, it may cause scratches on the glass. Poor wiper blades will also result in obscured visibility during heavy rain or snow.

As a result, car wipers must be checked on a regular basis to avoid any mishaps.

Choosing the right wiper blades

Consider these features and functions when you are buying wiper blades:

  • Size: Find the right sizing for front or rear wipers in millimeters or inches based on your vehicle measurements.
  • Vehicle: Make sure the blade size you choose fits your make and model.
  • Climate: If you live in extreme heat or cold, it's a good idea to choose a blade that can last through the harsh weather, such as a winter wiper or a silicone blade with more heat tolerance.
  • Durability: Consider how long the blade will last. Certain blade materials have more longevity.

Wiper blades

Bosch Aerotwin - Flat Wiper Blade

Bosch Aertowin is a flat wiper blade that is equipped with Power Protection Plus wiper rubber technology built for excellent wiping and increased service life even under extreme weather conditions. The packaging also includes a pre-assembled vehicle-specific original adapter for quick and easy installation while replacing the original wiper blades.

Bosch Aerotwin Universal AP - Flat Wiper Blade

Bosch Aerotwin Universal AP  is a flat wiper blade that has patented Power Protection Plus wiper rubber technology built for excellent wiping and increased service life even under extreme weather conditions. The packaging includes an innovative modular adapter system which is universally optimized to replace original equipment wiper-arm types.

Bosch Clear Advantage Wiper Blades

A true all-weather performer: Bosch Clear Advantage™ wiper blade is built with two precision-tensioned steel springs that apply uniform pressure along the entire blade length providing consistent wiping performance. The Graphite-treated natural rubber wiping edge reduces friction and noise. Pre-mounted multi adapter facilitates easy installation.

Bosch Eco - Conventional Wiper Blade

Bosch Eco wiper blade has a natural rubber wiper with graphite coating for thorough and smooth action. The robust all metal bracket protects from corrosion and improves service life. A pre-assembled Quick-Clip universal adapter for hook-type wiper arms facilitates quick and easy installation on Indian vehicles.

For excellent wiping and increased service life - choose from the Bosch range of all-weather wiper blades designed for quick and easy installation.

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