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Technical Hotline Vehicle & Test Equipment

The Bosch hotline supports you with everyday workshop tasks and more. On-hand with local specialists, Bosch Technical Support empowers workshop technicians with the expertise, confidence and assurance in vehicle and test equipment, so they can spend more time repairing vehicles and resolving issues, than identifying them.

What we offer you

Even the most experienced technician can encounter difficulties when diagnosing complex cases. Bosch Technical Support helps its network partners to find the solution to a wide range of vehicle repair cases as well as providing vehicle technical services and warranty support for Bosch diagnostic and test equipment.

Car Repair Support

If you need support on a technical and diagnostic issues while maintaining or repairing a car, or simply require a trusted second opinion, contact our Dealer Tech Assist. The Dealer Tech Assist and helpdesk team provides workshops technicians with fast and knowledgeable solutions for a wide range of vehicle brands and systems.

OE Support

Dedicated hotline function with Level-1 and Level-2 team can provide full aftersales support to OE dealers on CV, PC & 2W OE Scanner complaints supplied by Bosch. In addition, helpdesk team are well equipped to provide support on XMS related issues.

Product Support

The Bosch Product Support enables workshops and distributors to receive prompt technical information on various Bosch products, and offer warranty support. In addition, hotline team offers comprehensive technical support in terms of remote diagnostic support and on the spot troubleshooting and repair support for Bosch diagnostic and test equipment.