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Bosch offers training courses tailored to all levels of knowledge and experience.

Tailored programs for your training needs

A key distinguishing factor between technical training and other forms of training is that most technical training aspects are job-specific, and cannot be performed without the appropriate technical skills. Bosch with its right resources, is considered as the preferred partner to leading OEMs to roll out technical training programs for their associates and technical team at dealer points. With over 100 courses, Bosch training programs & mechanic courses are created and customized as per OEM and aftermarket requirements.

Our Service Training

Bosch training courses provide Virtual, Face to face and On Spot trainings to various customers, right from new technicians to experienced technicians, OE Customers, Network partners, Education Institutions. This supports them locate the problems, diagnose cause and repair vehicles in a more efficient manner, with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing waiting time for customers.

Advantages at a glance

  • Essential, intermediate and advanced levels of training available.
  • Highly-skilled, industry-experienced technical trainers.
  • Hands-on training balanced perfectly between classroom and workshop.
  • Small groups for focused training environment
STC training

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