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KTS 250 | Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

KTS 250 - All-in-one ECU diagnostic tool

0 684 400 260

Accurate and flexible, the KTS 250 is the fast, easy-to-use, mobile diagnostic tool for cars and light commercial vehicle systems.

Diagnostic scan tool KTS 560

KTS 560 - ECU Diagnostic tool for all current and future vehicles, with multimeter

0 684 400 560

Optimise your vehicle diagnostic process and all-round workshop capability using this robust, mobile diagnosis module. Built-in measurement equipment will locate electrical issues in no time at all.

KTS 590

KTS 590 - ECU Diagnostic tool for all current and future vehicles, with multimeter and oscilloscope

0 684 400 590

Achieve the ultimate in diagnosis, repair and service with this high-spec wireless module. Advanced 2-channel multimeter and oscilloscope locate and evaluate electrical issues for speedy resolution.

KTS Trucks

KTS Truck - Modular diagnostic solution for commercial vehicle workshops

0 684 400 512

Maximise commercial vehicle opportunities and get quick answers to problems with this versatile diagnostics solution. Complete with vehicle-specific adapters for easy connection to many makes/models.

DCU 120

DCU 120 - Robust tablet PC for mobile workshop use

0 684 400 124

The DCU 120 with 11.6-inch Full HD display and fast processor is a robust and handy tablet PC for mobile workshop use. For comprehensive connectivity, it offers interfaces according to current technology standards.