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Bosch Modules Workshop Concept

The concept allows you to have a direct portal connection with one of the largest automotive suppliers globally. We welcome all workshops, big or small.


Connect and interact with Bosch

Connect and interact with Bosch

By joining the Bosch Modules Workshop Concept, you will receive a stream of automotive news, product information, specialised training, exclusive promotions, access to the Bosch e-Catalogue and eXtra loyalty rewards program.

Our aim is to connect like minded workshops via our personalised portal, which could be the initial step in becoming a Bosch Car service workshop.


Dedicated Portal Access

Direct access to Bosch information; training, rewards and more via our personalised and interactive portal for workshops.

Automotive News

Curated by the Bosch Mobility Team.


Exclusive invitations to online live webinars and face to face training courses.


Receive regular industry tips, personalised support and access to the knowledge database.

Bosch e-Catalogue

Conveniently driven by vehicle registration number.

eXtra Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn points for product purchases and redeem them for attractive rewards.