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Heroes under the hood

90 years of Bosch fuel filters: to be continued!

90 years of Bosch fuel filters: to be continued!

Since 1930

Historical filter
Historical filter with three different inserts: from left to right: cloth pouch insert, felt tiling insert, cellular filter insert

Since the early days of the automobile, Bosch fuel filters have been protecting the injection systems in vehicles from contamination. The construction of the first Bosch fuel filters was already well thought out, but they had to be cleaned relatively often. Since 1936, special paper has been inserted as a filter medium, which is still used today in an advanced form.

Today: 95 % market coverage of the Bosch filter program for passenger cars in Europe

Every Bosch filter contains high-quality materials, first-class processing and technical know-how. The video shows how Bosch filters are developed and produced.

How a Bosch filter is made

Filters protect valuable engine components. The video shows how a fuel filter in a vehicle works, what it has to withstand and why it should be changed regularly.

The fuel filter at work

For tomorrow's mobility: filters will continue being important!


In future, Bosch will continue providing accurately fitting filters - no matter which fuels or drive systems will then prevail on the markets. Whether electric drive, fuel cell or hybrid drive:

All of these powertrain systems need clean

  • water
  • oil
  • air

for battery and engine cooling.

And cabin filters will also continue to ensure good air inside the cabin!



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