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Workshop Services Support & advice

Professional support and consultancy services for workshops. Keeping workshops at the forefront of vehicle technology and customer satisfaction with Bosch Workshop Solutions.

ADAS Service

Advanced Driver Assistance systems (ADAS) support safer car and road safety. Due to the technical nature of these systems, it is fundamental that workshops have a solid understanding of how to calibrate them efficiently. The ADAS Service provides workshops with the essential skills to calibrate and repair a vehicle’s increasingly complex ADAS systems through training, technical support and workshop services.

ADAS Service

Technical Training

Technical Training service provides workshops with a hands-on opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of ADAS technology (sensor and camera functionality, as well as system connectivity) and test equipment. These trainings enhance workshop technicians' skills to serve customer’s needs.

Technical Support

By using their extensive vehicle technology experience our Technical Support service can provide workshops with fast and efficient solutions or advice for a wide range of vehicle brands that incorporate ADAS technology.

Workshop Service

The Workshop Service focuses on installation, usage demonstrations, maintenance, and the repair of Bosch ADAS test equipment.

Electric Vehicle Service

Electric and hybrid vehicles are increasingly common vehicles. The Electric Vehicle Service provides training and technical support for workshops so that they are best equipped to work on them safely and effectively.

Electric Vehicle Training

Electric Vehicle Training provides workshops with tailored, innovative ways to develop the sophisticated understanding required for working on electrical vehicles. Bosch is also able to provide certification to workshops to legally allow you to work on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Technical Support

By using their extensive experience in electric vehicle and integrated systems, our Technical Support service can provide workshops with fast and efficient solutions across all vehicle brands.

Electric Vehicle Service

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