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Bosch Diesel Concepts The expert service provider

With more than 3,000 workshops worldwide, our global network of diesel specialists are the first choice for the professional service of Diesel engines and components.


The Bosch Diesel Repair Network

The Bosch Diesel Repair Network provides comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and component service solutions for all diesel systems. With a high level of expertise in the market and equipment that meets strict Bosch approval, the Bosch Diesel Repair Network is able to offer a solution to all faults with diesel system components.

As Bosch Diesel workshop partner you are the option of choice for all diesel customers: OE workshops, fleets, business customers and private vehicle owners.

Diesel Component Repair

Diesel Component Repair

Bosch Diesel Center (BDC) and Bosch Diesel Service (BDS) have an excellent reputation as centers of competence for all aspects of maintenance and servicing of diesel injection systems. They are competent contacts for authorized workshops, fleet operators, business customers and private vehicle owners.

What we offer you

By becoming part of the Bosch diesel network, your workshop will be ideally positioned within your local area to deliver a consistently excellent service experience.


Becoming a Bosch Diesel workshop positions you as the expert provider of specialist diesel services in your area. Your expertise together with the technical knowledge and support from Bosch will enhance your existing business.

Strong Brand

The power and reputation of the global brand Bosch will make you the option of choice for generalist workshops and fleets.

Service Partner

We also rely on you as our service partner for the warranty handling of our Bosch diesel products.

High-quality equipment

As a Bosch Diesel workshop, you will have access to the very latest diagnostic and test equipment.

Requirements for becoming a BDC or BDS

Our role is to ensure that our workshop network continues to meet and exceed the changing expectations of the marketplace. We rely on you to identify with our values, supporting our vision and helping us strengthen the global diesel service team we have established.

Bosch Diesel Center workshop
Bosch Diesel Center workshop


With the help of the Bosch equipment your are able to carry out test and repair work on all market-relevant diesel injection systems.

Smart presentation

To create a completely integrated, highly professional appearance for your business, you will use our specifications for signage and work clothing as well as for point of sales materials, business stationary and marketing.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to our future success together. The quality and professionalism of your work is naturally the most important factor in this.

Bosch Diesel Network Brochure

Bosch Diesel Network Brochure

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