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Bosch Module Concept Be recognized as a quality workshop

Amidst all the rewards and promotions, we know your day-to-day business remains your core focus. That’s why we are launching the all-new Bosch Module this year, uplifting your workshop image and be recognized as a quality workshop.

Be recognized as a quality workshop

Bosch Module Concept

What is a Bosch Module Concept?

We know your business is unique to you. That’s why we at Bosch have developed Bosch modules, a way you can differentiate your workshop from your competitors and be recognized as a quality workshop, backed by Bosch.

The benefit of Bosch Module Concept

Technical support

Receive access to technical support and product training for latest technology.

Be connected

Be updated on the industry news and trend of automotive repair through Bosch Community.

Instant recognition for quality

Customers will instantly know that you are part of the Bosch network with Bosch signage, product banners and workwear.

eXtra rewards

Earn additional eXtra points when you purchase Bosch parts and products through the WSMS platform.

Increase efficiency

Digitalize your business with the Workshop Management System (WSMS), instantly saving your time and increasing your efficiency and profits.

Easy ordering

Enjoy the convenience of ordering parts through Parts Finder and the Online ordering platform, a game-changer that allows you to focus more on your customers.

Joining the Bosch Module Concept Network is easy!

Upon joining the Bosch network, your business will just need to tick a few boxes

  1. You’re a Bosch Supporter You will meet the minimum Bosch Parts annual purchase value
  2. Go Digital You will manage your business digitally with the WorkShop Management System (WSMS)
  3. Be ready for the latest technology You will need to attend at least 1 Bosch Technical Training session
  4. You’re ready to be rewarded with eXtra! Join the Bosch eXtra Loyalty Program and be rewarded for your purchases
  5. We welcome workshops - big or small Whether you’re a full service, fast fitter or branded workshop. It’s easy to join if you have 1-3 mechanics and 3-4 workbays

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