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Celebrate the 1 Million Mark with Us

ESI[tronic] customers now have access to more than 1,000,000 real applications and vehicle combinations.

Fast and uncomplicated solutions to known errors, compiled by experienced Bosch authors and validated by the expertise of ESI[tronic] users worldwide.

The database is growing day by day and already offers 1,000,000 repair cases and vehicle combinations. This is reason to celebrate.


Info type EBR briefly explained:

EBR provides fast and uncomplicated solutions for known faults, compiled by the experienced Bosch team of authors and validated by the expertise and feedback of ESI[tronic] users worldwide. System-related errors as well as known faults, which are not covered by the software diagnosis can therefore be assessed and rectified quickly and efficiently.

A further advantage for EBR customers is that the structure is always the same, so they can quickly navigate to find:

  • Problems
  • Conditions / Symptoms
  • Possible causes
  • Solutions

Most of the data is obtained from Internet forums. A complex algorithm developed by Bosch is used to alert the Bosch expert team to this data. The Bosch team then validates the data according to the high Bosch quality standards. Customers benefit from optimum time savings in troubleshooting, as free text searches for error codes, symptoms and even components are possible. Errors without stored fault codes can also be searched for.

The remaining data is obtained through our service hotline, personal experiences of the authors, YouTube videos and feedback data from the workshops via ESI[tronic].

EBR users can be sure that the solution methods are made available in a proven form at all times.


In the meantime, the EBR database has grown to 1 million real-life cases and vehicle combinations. Bosch is celebrating this with a special offer: ESI[tronic] users who have not yet subscribed to the information types; SIS (Instructions for Troubleshooting and Repair), P (Wiring Diagrams of Comfort Systems) and EBR (Experience-Based Repair – known fixes) can try them out free of charge in Online Mode until the end of the year. The offer ends automatically on 31.12.2020 and does not need to be cancelled. This way you can convince yourself of the advantages of the diagnostic software ESI[tronic] Evolution and the EBR Online Database.

During this time the user has access to the following information in the Online mode of the ESI[tronic] Evolution:

  • More than 270 000 circuit diagrams with almost three million vehicle assignments
  • Over 370,000 test procedures and troubleshooting documents with more than nine million vehicle assignments
  • More than 1 million real EBR repair solutions and vehicle combinations