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Working on vehicles with protected diagnostic access

With Bosch diagnostic solutions, you always have the right key to the secured vehicle data at hand.

Thanks to ESI[tronic] Evolution and a Bosch diagnostic tester of the latest generation, working on vehicles with protected vehicle electronics is still possible without any restrictions*.

*Subscription with vehicle manufacturer may be required.

Today's modern vehicle electronics are increasingly confronted with the dangers of manipulation and hacking attacks. With the EU Regulation 2018/858 coming into force starting in September 2020 new vehicle models in Europe must be equipped with secure diagnostic access. For this reason, vehicle manufacturers plan to protect access to vehicle electronics via the OBD interface. Vehicle manufacturers such as the FCA Group (Fiat and Chrysler) and Mercedes-Benz AG have already implemented the first protection measures for new vehicle models. Other vehicle manufacturers will follow.

The introduction of the vehicle manufacturers' various security concepts has an impact on the diagnostic process in the workshop and vehicle manufacturer-specific requirements such as registration with the manufacturer portal may be necessary.

Without prior authentication or unlocking of the vehicles, active diagnostics such as deleting and adjusting values are no longer possible for many manufacturers.

Thus, in the future, only authorized mechanics will be able to perform a full vehicle diagnosis or calibrate driver assistance systems.

A stable Internet connection during the diagnostic session as well as the use of a diagnostic tester of the latest KTS generation (KTS 560, KTS 590, KTS 350 or KTS 250) will enable, depending on the security concept of the vehicle manufacturer, the exchange of online security certificates and thus the unlocking of the protected diagnostic functions.

ESI[tronic] Evolution
ESI[tronic] Evolution

Unrestricted working on access-protected Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Mercedes-Benz AG pursues a two-stage approach in the implementation of the safety concept. In the first step, the vehicle electronics are protected with the so-called Seed & Key procedure.

This is based on a special algorithm that is required to enable the protected functions. The mode of operation is similar to that of a security gateway, but with the Bosch solution it does not require registration with the vehicle manufacturer portal.

In a second step, Mercedes-Benz AG is planning to further expand this security concept this year. Further information on this will be announced at a later date.

With the update 2020/1.02, ESI[tronic] customers can continue to carry out work on Mercedes Benz vehicles without restriction.

Unrestricted working on access-protected Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Unrestricted working on access protected vehicles of the FCA Group


With the Service Packs 2019|3, ESI[tronic] offers its users the functionality to perform complete diagnosis with Security Gateway-protected vehicles of the FCA Group. In cooperation with FCA, the secured diagnosis is thus possible directly with the ESI[tronic].

In case of a protected vehicle, the ESI[tronic] notifies the user and guides him quickly and specifically through the secured diagnosis. Via a link in the ESI[tronic], the user can register on the FCA website and acquire the necessary authentication data and then start with the unrestricted diagnosis.

Reliable diagnostics with diagnostic solutions from Bosch

For professional service and professional repairs, diagnostics in workshops is becoming increasingly important.

The globally proven vehicle diagnosis software ESI[tronic] continues to provide comprehensive support from troubleshooting to repair. With ESI[tronic] Evolution you are always up to date with the latest technology and will continue to find maintenance and wiring diagrams, repair and troubleshooting instructions as well as experience-based repair cases (EBR) for over 150 brands.

ESI[tronic] customers who have licensed the "Experience Based Repair" function now also have access to more than 1,000,000 real use cases/vehicle combinations.

The new generation of Bosch vehicle diagnostic solutions (KTS 560, KTS 590, KTS 350, KTS 250) supports all current vehicle interfaces. With the diagnostic units KTS 560, KTS 590 and KTS 350, future technologies such as DoIP are also no problem for workshops.

Developed for the demands of professionals - for support in everyday workshop work.